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As a young, fast-growing division of LOAD! is the original department a creative production partner for streaming platforms, film distributors and TV stations.


Not only do we have a feel for the topics that move and fascinate, we have also been part of the digital world since the beginning.


With a heart for entertainment, pop culture, comedy,

great stories andwe work on passionate target groups

exciting new material for fiction, non-fiction, documentaries & show.

From idea to film


Our content-related and creative focus is on the development of young, popular and entertaining topics that are valuable in terms of pop culture. High quality and ambitiously designed for a generation that grew up with digital content and appreciates innovative storytelling. As a partner of talents and platforms, we also see ourselves as a link for creative exchange. 


We produce large budget productions and young, innovative contents. We like to break old fashioned structures and procedures in the production process. Flat hierarchies, short decision-making paths, a green way of thinking and a good working atmosphere are important for us. The focus is on creativity and the optimal representation of the production budget.


Call me DJ!


Executive Producer: Clara Schmieder
Producer: Lena Sophie Daun
Created by: Rosanna Grüter
With Pilocka Krach, Marie Montexier, Magdalena, Bebetta and many more.

ARD Kultur, 2022


Life's a Glitch


Executive Producer: Georg Ramme
Creative Producer: Daniel Jacobs
Created by: Bam, Bu, Charin, Jacobs, Kim, Ramme
Director: Shawn Bu
With Julien Bam and Joon Kim

Netflix, 2021




Executive Producer: Georg Ramme
Creative Producer: Clara Schmieder
Created by: Clara Schmieder, Daniel Jacobs
Director: Clara Schmieder

With acCHORd (director: Niklas Genschel) and Max Schweder
ARD Kultur, 2022

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